Thank you Max Zusman for inspiring Pain in Motion

Pain in Motion is grateful to Max Zusman (1934 – 2013) for his work that has inspired several Pain in Motion researchers. What we admired the most was his capacity to connect scientific observations from various (apparently unrelated) disciplines and translate them into clinical applicable ideas and theories. His narrative reviews and opinion articles were cited frequently in several papers from our group. Moreover, Max ideas were (and still are) a source of inspiration to the science and clinical work of several Pain in Motion researchers and physiotherapists. In early spring 2013, the main theme of a (closed) Pain in Motion meeting in Brussels was the treatment of ‘pain memories’, and more specific Max’ ideas and understanding of such pain memories. Luc Vanderweeën’s lecture that day for the Pain in Motion group was based primarily on Max’ work. Thank you Max, we will do our best to keep your ideas and work alive!

Jo Nijs

Click on the links below for a few must-read papers by Max Zusman: (free full text) (free full text)