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ActuKiné: highly recommended French website incl. modern pain neuroscience in clinical practice

ActuKiné is a French language website for physiotherapists covering various disciplines of our profession, including exercise therapy, musculoskeletal physiotherapy, neurological rehabilitation and cardiorespiratory physiotherapy, among others. It covers a lot of useful information for physiotherapists. The website is highly interactive, leaves users free to share information on their social media, and – importantly for us interested in applying modern pain neuroscience in practice – covers a lot of stories, interviews, links and useful information about pain and pain neuroscience relevant for physiotherapy. They also have an agreement with the Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy (JOSPT) that allows them to translate perspectives for patients / patient educational material into French.

ActuKiné dedicated a news item to the work done by our Pain in Motion international research group, and Yannick Barde-Cabusson from ActuKiné was so kind to translate one of our recent posts for clinicians combining hands-on manual therapy with therapeutic pain neuroscience education for osteoarthritis patients into French. Stay connected, as there are more French translations coming up on our Pain in Motion website ...

Enjoy the ActuKiné website:
The direct link to the pain section on the ActuKiné website:

Jo Nijs

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