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Pain in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome: time for specific pain treatment?

Besides chronic fatigue, patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) suffer from debilitating widespread pain. Yet pain in CFS is often ignored by clinicians and researchers. This paper summarizes our current understanding of the nature and treatment of pain in CFS. It is concluded that research has increased our understanding of pain in CFS, including its treatment. From the available literature, it is concluded that musculoskeletal factors are unlikely to account for pain in CFS. Pain seems to be one out of many symptoms related to central sensitization in CFS. It is advocated to optimize current CFS treatment protocols by targeting the underlying mechanism for those patients having severe pain. The role of the deficient hypothalamus pituitary adrenal-axis in relation to pain in CFS, as well as the interactions with immune (dys)functioning require further studying.

Jo Nijs
You can obtain the free full text paper here:;15;E677-E686.pdf
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