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We need a therapist for explaining pain! Written neuroscience education alone is simply not enough

Pain in Motion recently highlighted 3 (neglected) requirements for effective pain neuroscience education ( Now a new multicentre trial shows how important therapists are for explaining pain neuroscience to chronic pain (fibromyalgia in this study) patients.
Mounting evidence supports the use of face-to-face pain neuroscience education for the treatment of chronic pain patients. This study examining whether written education about pain neuroscience improves illness perceptions, catastrophizing and health status in patients with fibromyalgia. Compared to written relaxation training, written pain neuroscience education slightly improved illness perceptions of patients with fibromyalgia, but it did not impart clinically meaningful effects on pain, catastrophizing, or the impact of fibromyalgia on daily life. Face-to-face sessions of pain neuroscience education are required to change inappropriate cognitions and perceived health in patients with fibromyalgia.
The study is published by Pain Practice, the journal of the World Institute of Pain (

Jo Nijs
Reference and further reading:;jsessionid=5CED32553FF0AC8C826FFDDD5B93118C.f03t03

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