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NEWS ITEMS 2015 - Trust me

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Trust me, I’m a “Physiotherapist”

Trust me, I’m a “Physiotherapist” is a popular facebook page. The original idea of the page was to be connected with physio’s from all over the world and see how they were doing it. Currently, almost 20.000 physio’s from all over the world have liked the page and people can comment on posts and share ideas.

The posts mainly address interesting topics like functional movement patterns, anatomy trains, mobility work, olympic weightlifting, etc. Also issues like low back pain, shoulder pain and manual therapy are addressed thoroughly.

More recently, more attention is given to chronic pain and pain education. Posts on our facebook page address articles about this subject. The work of Nijs and Moseley are of special interest.

Nils Oudhuis, physiotherapist in the Netherlands.
Manual therapy student at the SOMT, Amersfoort.