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The convergent validity of the central sensitization inventory in chronic whiplash associated disorders

Whiplash associated disorders remain the most common injury associated with motor vehicle accidents and a major cause of disability (Ritchie et al, 20...

March 7th, 2022
Can patients with chronic fatigue syndrome assess their physical activity level through self-report?

Physical activity levels can be assessed by two main types of measures: objective or subjective measures (Prince et al., 2008). Each measure has its o...

March 4th, 2022

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Is knee osteoarthritis always chronic secondary pain?

Chronic pain, chronic primary pain, chronic secondary musculoskeletal pain, chronic postsurgical or posttraumatic pain,… What is the difference betwee...

March 2nd, 2022
The lived experience – qualitative research in the field of chronic pain

There is something tempting about numbers and figures. They are ‘clear’, we believe them to be straightforward and helpful in untangling our complex w...

March 1st, 2022

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